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Homes & Cabins
Grant County Lumber offers design and planning of your home project so you can be sure every square foot is used wisely. Quality products and service are a tradition. You can build the project yourself or have us design and manage your entire project. We take the stress out of building.
Additions and Remodeling
We have many years of experience designing and building additions that increase the value of your home and more importantly, make your existing home more functional. If you like the location of your home and it is solid, remodeling makes sense.
Drafting & Design
Let us take your ideas and put them on paper. We take pride in “curb appeal” of your home and it will be an asset to your neighborhood which will increase the value at resale.
Ag Buildings
Ever wonder where you will put that new boat? How about that new garden tractor? We have the right sized storage building for you. Our buildings are engineered and built with certified lumber, poles, and trusses. We do shell packages, set your building up for insulation or design them completely finished.  
Can’t find a builder for your new store? We supply commercial steel buildings with wood framing or all steel buildings. We have worked on hardware stores, lumberyards, fire halls, offices, and manufacturing facilities.
Our Products
At Grant County Lumber we order the brands you want. Some lumberyards only sell one window brand or one siding brand/kind. We can get many different brands of windows, doors, millwork, siding, pole barn steel, roofing, decking, soffits, cabinets, counter tops, overhead doors, lumber, insulation, foundations, tools, hardware and more. We also stand behind what we sell. We expect support and service from our suppliers and products so we can pass this along to you. We have been in Elbow Lake since 1985 and expect to be here for many years. If a product in your home needs service we will take care of it. Quality products at affordable prices allow you to enjoy your home worry free.
The Elbow Lake area has many quality licensed, bonded and insured contractors. These contractors have many years of experience. Whether you want a concrete slab poured, a deck, or a complete home, the local contractors can meet your expectations.

Replacement Windows
Old windows simply can’t perform to today’s energy-efficient standards. Money sails away on drafty construction. You spend too much time cleaning and painting them. You cover up the condensation with curtains, probably those “insulated” beauties that try to do what your windows should do alone-block the winter cold and summer heat. With replacement windows from Thermo-Tech, you can expect more: more energy savings; more time; more comfort.
Cellulose Insulation
Save energy and money with cellulose insulation. We blow insulation in walls and ceilings to create an air tight wall that will eliminate drafts. R-value is “resistance value,” which measures a material’s resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the higher the insulating power. cellulose insulation has an R-value of 3.7 per inch, 25% greater than blown-in fiberglass insulation. cellulose is a denser product, filling gaps and voids, eliminating air leaks and providing more protection against air infiltration. cellulose is a “green” product and the average home insulated with cellulose recycles the equivalent of 460 large city newspapers. And cellulose is a class 1 fire-rated building material. Call the experts on insulation at Grant County Lumber to find out how you can save energy and have a more comfortable home.